Mandatory electronic filing for registration of land transfer


Transfer of ownership title over the land in Croatia is completed with registration of the transfer in the Land Registry which is managed by Municipal Courts. In that respect, recent amendments to the Land Registry Act have envisaged more efficient registration process which includes mandatory electronic filing of the transfer.

Among other things, these changes include the following:

  • Transfer of the ownership title could be carried out only through electronic application submitted by notary public or an attorney, while it will no longer be possible to submit the application by mail or at the counter of the land registry courts.
  • Notaries will be obliged to submit this application for registration of the land ownership transfer after execution of the notarial deed. Notary public is not allowed to submit the application for registration in the Land Registry to the Municipal Court if the purchaser is expressly opposed to it.
  • All applications to the Land Registry will be filed electronically through the Joint Information System of Land Registers and Cadastres (ZIS), while all other forms of non-electronic applications will be rejected by the court.

The above amendments will enter into force on November 10, but the Government has left a transitional period of three months from the entry into force of the law during which the applications to the Land Registry can still be filed directly in the office of the competent municipal court or by regular mail.